Holiday Moving Reminders

holiday moving tipsThe holidays are literally right around the corner so I thought today would be a great day for some quick holiday moving tips and reminders. While this time of year is a time for reflection, family bonding and great food, it is also stressful! We know moving at this time of year only adds to your already floor length to-do list and, not surprisingly, your anxiety level. But fear not, the collection of helpful articles below should help you get from “no, no, no” back to “ho, ho, ho!”

Moving during the holidays:

Three Tips for Moving During the Holiday Season

 4 Things Santa Did NOT Tell You About Moving During the Holidays

A Few Joys of Moving During the Holidays

How to Pack and Store Holiday Decorations

Moving in the winter:

Seven Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

Handy Tips for Moving in the Snow

Though we all wish time would slow down a little bit around this time of the year, it unfortunately does not. But with proper planning and a few (ok maybe several) deep breaths, moving AND getting all of your holiday prep done is definitely doable.

Have you ever moved during the holiday season before? Share your tips and experience in the comments below!