Don’t Forget! 5 Often Forgotten Moving Day To-Do’s

Don't ForgetIt’s moving day! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you’re movers are going to arrive any moment…are you ready?

Most people only move once or twice in their lifetime, so it’s normal that moving day is a mystery to a lot of people. No matter how prepared people are, there are always some issues that are bound to come up. So, how can you guarantee a smooth move? Don’t forget the important stuff. Below are five things you should do on moving day.

1. Have your personal documents and any medications in hand.

You should never pack any personal documents or medications in boxes that will go on the moving truck. This can include wills, closing statements, school records, insurance cards and/or any other materials that you may need in an emergency or that share sensitive information. Be sure to keep these items on your person when you are moving so that you don’t lose anything critical. You will most likely need your medication before your goods are delivered. When it comes to documents, not only will you have peace of mind that they are nearby, but you will ensure the protection of sensitive materials.

2. Give your neighbor’s a heads up.

We know you’re busy, but don’t forget to tell your neighbors when you are moving.  It’s likely that you will need their help to coordinate space for a big moving truck or access to their driveway to help the truck turnaround. Further, if you let them know that the move is happening, they will be much more patient with all the activity as the day wears on.

While this is very important for any home, it’s especially necessary in an apartment building. If you are moving into or out of an apartment, be sure to reserve the freight elevator, let your doorman know the schedule and make nice with the neighbors that will likely be inconvenienced (hallways are tight spaces and apartment walls are thin) by the move.

3. Make sure you have a phone.

I know it seems strange that in this day and age we need to remind people to have a phone handy, but you would be surprised at the number of people who go AWOL. Too often, house phones and cell phones are disconnected or out of power before the movers get there, which makes coordinating arrival times extremely difficult. Keep your phone on, charged and within reach somewhere safe.

4. Make arrangements for kids and pets.

We love kids and animals, but it’s best that they are somewhere out of the way on moving day. For one, the movers will need your full attention at times. Also, some children may be sensitive about the move and the packing and loading may cause emotional overload. That said, you know your children best. If they are going to be present on moving day, just make sure that they have some toys to play with somewhere safe and out of the way. If your children are older, here’s some moving day tasks for kids.

Pets, however, should not be let loose in the house or yard while the movers are packing and loading your items. Ultimately, it’s a safety hazard. Moving is too chaotic for animals who may become aggressive. Also, a loose animal can easily get caught under foot, which is extremely dangerous for the movers who are carrying heavy items. If they trip, they will hurt themselves, your belongings and possibly your pet.

If you do not have a pet sitter, just be sure to secure your animals in a comfortable crate with food and water.

5. Offer a bathroom.

Sound crazy? We don’t mean to be awkward, but your movers are going to have to go. You cannot expect them to pack and load a house without a bathroom break! We have run into situations where customers don’t allow their movers to use the facilities in the house. Not only is this kind of mean, but it will also cost you more (in time or money or both) if the movers have to close up the truck, get back in the cabin and drive down the road until they find a restroom. It’s nice to offer a bathroom with running water that’s stocked with toilet paper. We thank you in advance.

Have you moved recently? Please share your moving day tips below.