It’s Summer. Who’s Moving?

Summer MovingIf you are currently planning a move, you should know by now that the summer season is the busiest time of year for the industry. If you didn’t know this, then keep reading.

Moving is a seasonal business. In fact, eighty percent of moves happen between May and September. For many families, summer is the best time to move because the kids are done with school. Parents who did not want to disrupt the school year by moving are primed to move right away so that the kids can spend the summer getting to know their new town and then they can start school on time with the other kids. Second, the real estate market picks up in the Spring and Summer. Nicer weather is a huge benefit to selling homes as houses are more presentable and buyers are more likely to drop into open houses. 

In regards to managing your move during the busy season, the best advice I can offer is to plan ahead and book your movers (or reserve equipment if you’re moving yourself) as soon as possible. You will also have to be patient. The chances of having your household goods delivered on the exact day you want is slim. You will be given a delivery spread instead and your mover will do everything they can to fall within that window.

In addition to patience and planning, I thought it might be helpful to recap some other useful tips. Check out some of our posts from last summer and feel free to share any tips, tricks, or stories of your own with us in the comments below!

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Happy Moving!