Survey: More People Moving out of New Jersey and New York

Moving Map New JerseyAs a recent college grad I’ve been keeping in touch with friends as we all move in separate directions and begin our careers. I took an interest in the fact that more than half of my friends have landed in Washington, D.C. Considering the fact that so many of us talked about making it in the big apple, I was surprised to hear so many are heading South. That is, of course, until I read about 2012 moving trends in Forbes last week.

According to a study conducted by United Van Lines, Washington, D.C. is the most popular inbound city for relocation. Since the cost of living in D.C. is quite high, I found this statistic to be shocking. But, after reading through the study’s analysis, it’s clear that, from an employment perspective, D.C. is where it’s at. Jobs abound for highly educated professionals, as well as recent college grads. In fact, the most popular age group to move to D.C. includes those between 18 and 35 years old.

So, where are these young and more experienced professionals moving from? Well, according to United everyone is fleeing the Tri-State area, especially New Jersey.  This isn’t inherently surprising – New Jersey has always been a big outbound state – but this year the Garden State is number 1 in outbound moves. Analysts have surmised that a combination of unemployment, cost of living and high tax levels are causing this exodus from the Tri-State area. Lately, more people are moving out of New Jersey to find better employment opportunities or enjoy a lower cost of living.

We’ve been moving people in and out of New Jersey and New York for 125 years and have seen the trends ebb and flow. After speaking to some of the more seasoned professionals here at Holman, they too admit that they have seen an increase in outbound moving over the past few years. We expect the trend to continue as more Boomers retire and head to warmer climates.

Of interest, there was a second article about moving out of New Jersey in the Courier Post Online, that suggested a few popular moving destinations nearby, including Delaware. Surely, in Delaware, the cost of living is much lower, property taxes are easier to manage and people are still close enough to the Tri-State area to maintain current employment and important relationships. Plus, there’s no sales tax – a personal favorite of mine. Could this be the new trend? Perhaps with Philly on one side and New York on the other, Delaware is the ultimate commuter state.

Did you move in 2012? Where did you move to?  Please share your story below.