How to Create Your Own Home Inventory


How to Build a Home InventorySix months ago, the idea of a home inventory was foreign to me. It never occurred to me to keep track of all of my things in lists so that I would be better prepared for a move. But, now, the concept is clear to me. Building a home inventory is one of my tips for how to be organized when taking account of your household items.



Moving is stressful, so proactively getting organized in the planning stages will make your life a whole lot easier. By keeping a home inventory, you’ll stay organized before, during and after your move. Plus, it’s great to have as an insurance tool if anything gets lost. You’ll know exactly how you want to pack, where your packed boxes should be placed in your new home and which ones you’ll want to unpack first.

You can create your home inventory in whatever way works best for you. An excel worksheet is a great way to keep everything organized and neat. If you have the time and resources, you can photograph your home inventory as well.

Put it in writing: As you’re making your list, group items by room and be descriptive enough to avoid any confusion later on. Be sure to include all of your items, including things that you may be storing in a basement, attic or garage. Just because you don’t use those items on a regular basis does not mean you shouldn’t include them – they will be moving with you after all. As you’re packing, you can tape appropriate lists from your inventory to each box so you know exactly what you’re dealing with at destination.

Make a file: It’s also a good idea to start one single file for things such as warranties, receipts and manuals. If you’re like me, these things are scattered in different parts of your home in what a like to call “ordered chaos.” I’ve learned the hard way that “ordered chaos” is never as convenient as plain old order. I recommend reorganizing and keeping these things together.

Make it visual: This isn’t as important as your written inventory, but some people like to photograph everything as well. You can group similar items together so you aren’t taking hundreds and hundreds of pictures.  You can even use an online home inventory program to store images.

It might seem a bit daunting but, believe me, creating a home inventory has more benefits than drawbacks. On moving day, you will be glad you took the time to have your inventory prepared.

Have you ever created a home inventory? How did you do it?